We are unique in the market who offers crop based solution with a wide range of molecules to suit all types of  weeds eradication, pests & diseases controls in the farms. We take our stewardship role with a great care and responsibility by training farmers on spraying techniques, safety methods on a continuous basis.

Our Range of products include various formulations of Herbicide, Insecticides, Fumigants and others.
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We select our suppliers who are committed to high professional standard and good ethical practices in business.
All our suppliers are global leaders with decades of experience and high commitment to quality.
Our suppliers are technical manufacturers with international quality institutes endorsements.
As per our commitment to the farmers and end users we conduct training program for farmers, extension agents and distributors regarding weed -eradication, identification of pests & diseases and control, appropriate solutions, spraying techniques, safety standards.
We also take the opportunity to educate the farmers by field demonstrations and create awareness of modern farming techniques to protect and increase the yield.